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Full List of New Athletes at Racers 2011


The following athletes will be a part of the Racers Track Club for the 2011-2012 season. Males                                                                              Females Andre Wellington                                                              Deandre Whitehorne Javere Bell                                                                           Ristananna Tracey Andre Clarke                                                                       Nickiesha Wilson Shevon Barnes                                                                    Bobby-Gaye Wilkins-Gooden Bernado Brady Davion Daye Darion Bent Nicholas Maitland Peter Matthews Dwight Mullings

No Financial Enticements


In response to articles which have appeared on the web sites of the Daily Gleaner and Track Alerts on September 28, Racers Track Club wishes to refute any insinuation of unfair practices in recruiting our athlete members. In particular, the allegation in these articles to the effect that we have used money to entice athletes Read More …