Racers Goes to Church


Racers Track Club worshipped at the Webster Memorial church on Sunday. This continued our annual tradition of celebrating our successes through thanksgiving. This year we had much to be thankful for.

We were pleased with the large turn out of athletes, coaches, staff and friends of Racers. Everyone felt that the service was inspiring and many felt blessed. Indeed, the number of athletes who answered the altar call, moved several to tears. Coach Mills expressed his wish for the worship experience to have a significant impact on his charges, as he gave his brief but heartfelt greeting. Not only did he hope for souls to be saved but for them to become desciples and spread the word. He was emotional in his description of how he felt when he saw his mostly male athletes going forward. He did not expect his wish to become a reality so quickly. Ristananna’s beautiful rendition, added to the special feeling.

Many thanks to Webster for inviting us into their sanctuary and making us feel special. Rev. Carlyle knew just what to say to hold the attention of the athletes and the special items from the Men of Purpose sent a good message.

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